It is compulsory for every student to be dressed in the Uniform. Students without  proper UNIFORM will not be allowed in the classroom and will be sent home.

Hair, Nails and Make Up
Boys: Hair and Nails to be kept short and clean. No fancy hairstyles shall be permitted.
Girls : Hair should be kept clean. If long, to be tied back with hair bands or clips which are black in colour only . No hair colouring or streaking is permitted. Nails to be kept short and clean. no nail paint permitted. Girls are not to apply kajal or eyeliner. It is against the rules of the school for students to have additional holes pierced in their ears other than the conventional single ones on the ear lobes.

Girls are permitted to wear a small pair of ear studs only. Jewellery should not be very expensive as the school will not be responsible for its loss. Inexpensive watches are permitted for children.