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Hayan Abdulla, Class 3

Entered Asian Book of Records and India Book of Records by cooking 172 dishes in one hour including biriyani, juices, pancakes, dosas, salads, milkshakes, and chocolate.

Dhiya Prabakaram

Authored and published a book called The Magic Bakery

Ethan Ezekiel 

Won third place in a worldwide Art Competition

Niharaka Shah

Participated in a theatre performance in Malaysia

Keerthana Sriram

A student of AR Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory, won first place at India’s prestigious stage – Biswa Bangala in Kolkata and represented Chennai at the all India level competition – Sangeet Sitara. She has performed with Sunshine Orchestra at TED Talk and sung the chorus in a Horlicks commercial composed by AR Rahman and other commercials like Colours TV, Chennai Mobiles, and SM Silk.

M.M. Sathi

Entered the Universal Achievers Book of Records for performing 73 types of activities in 73 minutes

Sherwood Hall Basketball Team

Our school under-19 Basketball Team secured first place in CBSE CLUSTER VI tournament held at Chettinad Vidyashram School Chennai.

Sherwood Hall Football Team

Our school Under-17 Football Team secured third place in the National Level Futsal Youth Cup held at ICF ground Chennai.

Sherwood Hall Basketball Team

Our school under-19 Basketball Team secured first place in N.S.S. Mandradiar Basketball Tournament held at our school premises.

Ajithesh A. 

Won a prize in a state-level essay competition organised by CSMA in collaboration with K-Setu. He was awarded a Trophy, Scholarship and a Certificate of Merit by Dr Mayil Swamy Annadurai, a renowned Scientist, who was heading the ISRO satellite centre as Director (2015-18).

Our Story

Sherwood Hall was founded by Mrs Olga Frohlich, an educationist and a Visionary. Her love for children and education prompted her to found the School in June 1971. It started as a small school with the Nursery Section and classes 1 to 7. Mrs Frohlich enrolled experienced teachers, and the school soon became well-known for its discipline, music and imparting quality education.

In 1974, Mrs Frohlich ensured the affiliation of Sherwood Hall to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, and in 1979, classes 11 & 12 were introduced, thus paving the way for a full-fledged Senior Secondary School.

Sherwood Educational Society now manages the school – its members being Mrs Devi PalaniSwamy, President, Mrs Shree Vidhya Murali, M.A. Correspondent and Mrs Diva Krishna, Principal

Vision and Mission

The Vision of the school is to provide a safe and conducive environment for the holistic development of the student by empowering and inspiring them to transform into responsible individuals through critical thinking, leadership qualities and appropriate life skills.

Development of infrastructure through technology aided learning and enhancement of the personal and professional skills of the Management and Staff.
  • The collaborative working of students, teachers and parents towards common goals.
  • To provide opportunities for students to explore scholastic and non-scholastic areas of development.
  • To create leaders who have a sense of responsibility in becoming contributing members of the Global Community.
  • To appreciate and respect individual differences by providing a uniform learning platform.
  • To equip and guide students with information regarding career opportunities and choices.
  • To strengthen a student’s emotional and social skills for better adjustment in society to lead a productive life.
  • To inculcate 21st Century skill sets of teamwork, effective time management, goal setting, communication and critical thinking.


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Dramatically disseminate standardized metrics after resource-leveling processes. Objectively pursue diverse catalysts for change for interoperable meta-services.


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Sherwood Hall

School Management Committee

Mrs. Shree Vidhya Murali Chair Person
1 Mrs. Diva Krishna Secretary
2 Mrs. Jeyashree Ramanathan Member
3 Mr. Boobalan Member
4 Mrs. Vimala Prabhu, Principal,
Sir Mutha School
5 Mrs Shoba , Principal,
LM Dadha School
6 Mrs. Ruchi Mohunta Member
7 Mrs. Chandra R Member
8 Mrs. Syed Hehna Rizvi Member
9 Mrs. Kalaivani Member
Sherwood Hall

Montessori Faculty

In providing the highest standards of Montessori education, all our staff members are carefully chosen, with the utmost regard for nurturing, personal and professional qualities. Our teachers are Montessori-trained and experienced adults. Each of our environments has 2 trained Montessori adults along with support staff.

The Montessori teachers guide children through discovery. They are experts in child development, guiding children to learn independently and reach their unique potential. Children have the freedom to engage in their own learning experience, and the teacher is there to support the child throughout this process.

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Sherwood Hall

CBSE Faculty

1 Ms.P.Diva Krishna Principal MA.,MPHIL. B.Ed.
2 Mrs. Ruchi Mohunta Educational Consultant B.A.M.Sc., B.Ed
3 Mr.John Kennedy PGT M.Com.,M.Ed.
4 Ms.K.Blessy PGT M.Sc.,B.Ed
5 Mr.Maria Jerald Tellas PGT M.Sc.(Physics), B.A.,B.Ed.
6 Ms.Varalatchoumy PGT M.Sc.,B.Ed., M.Ed.,M.Phil.
7 Mr.Senthil kumaran PGT M.Sc.,B.Ed
8 Ms.Sabina Solomon PGT M.Sc.,B.Ed.
9 Mr.M.Thiyagu PET B.Sc., (P.E) PG Dip. YOGA,B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., M.Phil
10 Ms.Saheli Ghoshal PGT psy) B.Ed.
11 Ms. Roselyn Martin TGT S.G.T., M.A
12 Ms.P. Sridevi TGT B.Lit., M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed
13 Ms.Anitha.E TGT M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil.,B.Ed.
14 Mr.E. Marutha Vinayagam TGT B.Sc.(Phys),Dip. In French (AFM)
15 Ms.Lucy Prince TGT B.Sc.,B.Ed.
16 Ms.Ritu TGT M.A.,B.Ed.
17 Ms.Sangeeta TGT B.Sc.,B.Ed.
18 Ms.S.Deepa TGT M.Sc.,B.Ed.
19 Ms. Pooja Sasi TGT M.A.,B.Ed.
20 Ms. Nalini K TGT M.A.,M.Phil MA, B.Ed., M.Ed
21 Ms.Soumya.G TGT M.Sc., B.Ed
22 Mr.Nikilesh Lingesan TGT M.A. B.Ed
23 Ms. Leema Roselin PET B.Sc.,M.Sc(Yoga)
24 Ms. Ritu Tripathi PGT M.Sc., Dip. In Arts & Crafts
25 Mr.Deepak PGT B.E., BFA
26 Ms. Joisy Alexander PRT B.A., Mont. & KG
27 Ms.Falguni Hemani TGT B.Sc., B.Ed.
28 Ms.T. Mahalakshmi, Montessori trained
29 Ms. Chandini.C PRT,B.Ed.
30 Mrs. Tanuja PRT,B.Ed
31 Ms.Shilpa PRT B.Com.,B.Ed
32 Ms.Lakshmi D TGT B.Sc., B.Ed.,
33 Ms. Catherine PRT M.A., D.TEch
34 Ms.Karkuzhali PRT B.A., P.G. Dip. ECE.
35 Ms .Candida Marie Andrew PRT B.A, IMTC
36 Ms. Dilon Pavithra PRT BA., PGDECE, IMTC
37 Ms.P.V.Sharanya PRT B.Tech, IMTC
38 Ms.N.Geetha PRT B.A(Soc&Eco).,B.Ed
39 Ms.Catherine Kurian PRT B.Com, MBA.,Montessori(AMI)
40 Ms.Liby Rajam Thomas PRT MA.,IMTC
41 Ms.Ishvarya Gopikrishnan PRT BA.,(IMTC)
42 Ms.Sujatha PRT B.Com.Dip. in Mont.Training
43 Ms.Parveen Banu PRT BA., IMTC
44 Ms.Barkath Sharmila PGT M.Sc, MBA, B.Ed
45 Ms.Arshiya B.E
46 Ms.Mercy Priya TGT B.SC., (B.Ed)
47 Ms. Suja A Georg Special Educator B.Sc., M.Sc., Child Development,Certificate courses in -SIM, FIE, FIE,Diploma LPAD.,
48 Ms. Indumathy Librarian M.A., Diploma in Business Admn,M.L.I.S
49 Ms.Preetha Menon MA
50 Mr. Boobalan PGT M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed
51 Ms. Cynthia TGT B.S.c, B.Ed
52 Ms. Preethi PRT MA. B.Ed
53 Ms. Jeyashree Ramanathan PGT, M.Phil, Ph.D., B.Ed
Sherwood Hall

Admin Staff

Learn more about the training our teachers go through over the year 

1 Mrs. P. Manjula Chief Administrative Manager B.Sc., B.Ed. M.A. PGDPM
2 Mr.C.Govardhanam Accounts Manager ,Ph.D
3 Mrs. S. Lavanya Asst.Adm.Manager BCA.,MCA
4 Mrs. Jayashree. S Administrative Assistant BBA, MBA
5 Mrs. Roopa E. Accounts Assistant B.Com
6 Mrs. Harini Administrative Assistant B.Com