Welcome to Sherwood Hall Senior Secondary School

 Sherwood  Hall  was  founded  by  Mrs. Olga Frohlich,  an  educationist  and  a Visionary.  Her  love  for  children  and  education  prompted  her  to  found  the School  in  June  1971.  It  started  as a  small  school  with  the  Nursery  Section and  classes  I to VII.  Mrs. Frohlich  enrolled  experienced  teachers  and  the  school  soon  became  well-known  for  its  discipline,  music and  imparting  quality  education.

In  the  year  1974,  Mrs. Frohlich  ensured  the  affiliation  of  Sherwood  Hall  to  the  Central  Board  of  Secondary  Education,  New  Delhi.  In  1979,  classes  XI & XII  were  introduced,  thus  paving  the  way  for a full-fledged  Senior  Secondary  School.  The  school  is  now  managed  by  Sherwood  Educational  Society – its members  being  Mrs. Devi PalaniSwamy,  President  and  Mrs. Shree Vidhya Murali, M.A. Correspondent.

Mrs. Shree Vidhya Murali - Correspondent
Mrs. Devika Dinesh - Principal
Mrs. Rajitha Rajeevan - Vice-Principal
Mrs. Ruchi Mohunta - Educational Consultant
Mrs. Anna Cherian – KG Consultant


  • School Library

    We are very proud of our bright and spacious school Library which has a diverse range of books.Once a week all the classes have a Library lesson during which they have time to borrow books, research topics or read.

  • Science Lab

    our school has a well-equipped Science Laboratory.Lab can comfortably accommodate 35-40 students with comfortable working area for each.

  • Computer Lab

    The school has a computer lab which is air-conditioned and fully equipped with adequate number of terminals with latest configuration