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sherwood hall school
sherwood hall school

The Montessori Philosophy

We embrace the Montessori approach to education based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative work. It is an innovative method of observing and supporting the natural development of children. Our goals are to stimulate children to achieve their full inherent potential: physically, socially, emotionally, and academically.

The Sherwood House of Children – The Montessori Primary Program

Established in 2019, The Sherwood House of Children offers a 3-year Montessori Primary program comprising the Montessori Juniors, Seniors, and Super Seniors. This program admits children aged 2.5 to 6 years.
3 Year Montessori Progam at Sherwood Hall of Children

3 Year Montessori Progam at Sherwood Hall of Children

3 Year Montessori Progam at Sherwood Hall of Children

Class 1 at Sherwood Hall of Children

Class 1 at Sherwood Hall of Children

Class 1 at Sherwood Hall of Children

Class 2 Sherwood Hall School following the CBSE Syllabus

Class 2 Sherwood Hall School following the CBSE Syllabus

Class 2 Sherwood Hall School following the CBSE Syllabus

Montessori Progam

Why Sherwood House of Children

From birth to age six, children are in the most sensitive period for learning development, making finding the right early education program one of the most important decisions. Our Montessori Primary program caters to this age group in mixed-age classrooms, providing them with the freedom to learn at their own pace in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

We strive to provide a stimulating, respectful and harmonious environment based upon the philosophy of Maria Montessori. Through thinking and reasoning skills, children are encouraged to conduct themselves as individuals in preparation for lifelong learning. We employ the Montessori Method to create a peaceful, natural, whole-child education that fosters children's joy, intelligence, self-confidence, and independence.
sherwood hall school
Provide education as an ‘Aid to Life’.
Help children develop to their full potential by continually providing a high standard of care and education.
Develop lively, enquiring minds.
Create a loving, secure and comfortable environment for them to flourish.
Shape our future society by nurturing young minds to become responsible global citizens by
Encouraging Independence and Confidence
Self-care and Self-reliance
Academic and Technological Intelligence and Expertise
Care for the Environment

"The most important period of life… is the period from birth to the age of six. For that is when man's intelligence itself, his greatest implement, is being formed." – Dr Maria Montessori

– Dr Maria Montessori
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The Montessori CurriculumSherwood Hall

The Montessori approach develops the whole child. It provides children with enduring intellectual capabilities through social and emotional learning. The Montessori system of education helps children become truly capable and productive individuals by focusing on their moral, behavioural, emotional, and intellectual development.

The Montessori curriculum emphasises learning as a process that cannot be determined by a child's age but by the rate and speed at which a child can acquire one skill before moving on to another.

The Sherwood House of Children strictly follows the principles and practices of Montessori Education, and we function under the guidance, support, and training of the Indian Montessori Centre (IMTC-Chennai).

The key elements of the curriculum are –

  • Self-Education
  • Individual Instruction
  • Didactic Materials
  • A Specially Prepared Environment
  • Mixed Age Group Classes
  • The Teacher as a Trained Directress

Exercises of Practical Life

Involves activities that enable the child to perfect daily living skills and achieve a sense of fulfilment when doing simple tasks. An essential part of the educational process is developing fine motor skills and concentration, building confidence and independence, all while learning to care for himself and his environment.

Sensorial Activities

Allow the child to refine each of their sense. These activities develop the classification and discrimination skills in children. It enhances vocabulary while building a firm understanding of fundamental concepts that lead to better math and language skills.


Language learning is critical to the child's progress as it is the foundation for writing and reading. Children work through specific hands-on and tactile language materials such as the sandpaper letters to the moveable alphabet. Language is not an isolated topic but runs through the curriculum.


Follows a hands-on approach to number concepts, quantity, and operations. The sensorial area is the preparation for mathematics. These activities help the child move from concrete experience to abstract ideas of quantities.


Culture allows the child to explore the natural world around them, including Geography, Zoology, Botany, Science, Art & Music. Studying these subjects allows children to explore their curiosity and helps them adapt to the world around them.

Admissions are now open!

Want to enrol your child at the Sherwood House Montessori Program? Learn more about our Admissions process.